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What do you mean you "do events"?

If you’ve had a good old look around our website then you may have stumbled across our event photography page. Whilst most of our time is spent photographing weddings and families, couples etc., we also cover a myriad of events: private and corporate parties, conferences, awards ceremonies and the like.

One of the good things about the corporate world is that once you’ve built a good relationship with the organisation, it can be a long and fruitful relationship for both parties.

An organisation that we have been working with since November last year is Women in Data: a not-for-profit organisation set up to help address the gap in the number of women applying for and getting data-related roles. Oddly, my professional life was dedicated to data from day 1, so a discipline I’m very familiar with, and with a wife working for a data company and a daughter, something that I am proud to support.

Working with some of the biggest data-driven businesses, they hold a number of events throughout the year, from small scale meet ups to 1,250 attendee conferences. Their cause also attracts some high profile personalities that are also championing getting more women into data roles: Dame Helena Morrissey, author of A Good Time To Be A Girl, Dame Shirley Stephens, a pioneering business woman and philanthropist.

Here’s a few shots from the annual conference held this year at the Intercontinental Hotel at the O2 (the ballroom is mahoooosive) and a recent event at the BBC Radio Theatre to launch their new initiative, Girls In Data.

Go give them a follow on LinkedIn and Instagram.


P.S. They like red...

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