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G&J, St Mary's, Haddenham & Oxfordshire GC

When you live in a village and have children of school age, you tend to know a few people based purely on those circumstances. It's a fact of life. And I knew Gemma and Joe for a short while before they asked me about photographing their wedding. It was a no brainer for all sorts of reasons beyond just knowing them; they're incredible people that work in the NHS and their wedding was going to be in the village. I don't mind travelling for weddings - it's sometimes nice to see other parts of the country, but it's also a little luxury when everything is within 15 mins of me.

Their ceremony was as St Mary's church in the village. Haddenham itself is a bit famous for being the backdrop to many a Midsommer Murders episodes, including the church and adjoining duckpond. It's also featured in the Thunderbirds themed Halifax advert and a scene of a 80's Muppets film. Google it...

The reception was at the beautifully kept Oxfordshire Golf Club just round the corner. It's elevated position over the Oxon/Bucks countryside makes it a dreamy setting for weddings. The course itself provides some enviable locations for couples portraits and we couldn't not make use of the famous bridge over the lake.

The highlight of the reception was the singing waiters. Having experienced a number of them, and sort of knowing it was coming, it was still a nice surprise, and they succeeded in getting everyone up and dancing, and generally having a great time.

Highlight number two, in close second was the golf buggy ride down to the bridge. You can't beat it. Coupled with the jeopardy of trying to get some shots whilst driving! Don't shoot and drive, kids.

Congratulations Gemma & Joe!


Dress: White Canvas Bridal

Make-up: Make Up by Lorna

Cake: Tracey Mann Cakes

Reception: The Oxfordshire Golf Club

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