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T&J, Brewhouse, Milton Keynes

Tash and Jack are 100% my type of couple. They very chilled and easy going, and love to travel. And as far as brides go, Tash was mega organised; timings done down to the minute.

Tash and Jack found me, according to them, by googling 'relaxed wedding photographer' - which is exactly the vibe I go for. Nothing fussy, nothing over posed and definitely nothing staged (think imaginary T-Rexs chasing the bridal party - what even is that?!?!?!). It was clear from the start that Tash and Jack had found their ideal wedding photographer and I'd found my ideal clients.

Tash and Jack were keen to have a pre-wedding/engagement shoot to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera. I always assure my couples that there's nothing to worry about being photographed but engagement shoots are a great way to get to know each other, get a taster of what the experience of having your photo taken as a couple and also get some shots of the 2 of you that can be used in your wedding stationary or just to pop in a nice frame at home. Their engagement shots can be seen on Instagram. Safe to say they were both complete naturals and made my job very easy.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held in the light and airy function room of the Brewhouse in Milton Keynes (sadly no longer with us...). Celebrant led by Charlotte Eliabeth, the service was so beautiful and personal, with Jack and Tash reading vows that they had each written. One thing Tash asked was to get a shot of Jack's reaction of when he first saw her coming down the aisle as he was a guaranteed crier. He didn't disappoint!

Being in central MK, you're somewhat surrounded by the architecture of a fairly modern city. But it was summer and the trees were in bloom and we managed to find a spot to grab some couples portraits, despite the incredibly the incredibly bright and hot summer sun.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with the usual reception meal and speeches, along with a music themed game for the guests to enjoy at their tables. After the first dance the inevitable party ensued and the atmosphere was incredible.

I was just about to head off and I'd seen a spot in the venue and had a shot imagined in my head. The background was rustic wood and the light was dim and moody. I grabbed Tash and Jack, who were totally game and managed to get the shot I imagined (last shot in the gallery). Again, totally natural and relaxed in front of camera, and obviously on a high from the emotion of their very special day.

Congratulations Tash & Jack!


Dress: Bride Like Me, Newport Pagnell

Registrar: Charlotte Elizabeth Ceremonies

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