O&A, Slades Farm

They say two heads are better than one. And in wedding photography it's no different. As you may have seen from our own packages and pricing, we offer a second shooter service. Useful if you have a really big wedding or your want some shots of both of you getting ready and you're in very different locations or if you really don't want to miss all those amazing moments that happen on your day.

On this occasion, I was the second shooter for the main wedding photographer. It's always a great experience being the second; you have a bit more freedom to spot those candid, genuine moments whilst the main photographer is concentrating on their key shots and sometimes you learn something new from the other photographer. Photography is an art just as much painting or sculpting is and a never ending process of learning and evolving; moving with the latest wedding fashions whilst developing our own style

Oxana and Andrea's wedding was held in a quaint little church with the reception held at Slades Farm in Surrey, a private house and equestrian facility, which was in its early journey into hosting weddings.

Their day was full of tradition: a mix of Scottish (the groom) and Siberian (the bride) ceremonies including drinking whiskey from a Quaich and vodka shots with gherkins in them, so there was plenty of opportunity for those candid shots.

Another job of a second is to capture some of the finer details that a lot of couples put so much time and effort into to really make their venue dazzle. Thankfully, I was kept very busy in this department. The barn was beautifully decorated and the tables were inch perfectly laid.

I did manage to capture some bride and groom portraits too and even got the face on view of the bouquet toss, which can prove for a more interesting shot.

It's not always necessary to have a second shooter but it's a nice little bonus if you can budget for it. You'll be surprised how affordable it can be and most photographers will offer a second shooter service.


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