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D&C, Spread Eagle Hotel

It's going to mighty hard not to write the 'C' word, seeing as this was one of very few weddings that survived a global pandemic, but I'll give it a try.

Debbie & Collin's wedding was held at the sophisticated Spread Eagle Hotel in Thame, Oxfordshire. Whilst it managed to go ahead, it wasn't necessarily the day they or I envisaged. The numbers were limited, there was masks and there was a very minimalist reception after, to which I didn't go as I was taking up a space.

But even with all the restrictions, it still felt like a wedding and it was great to be shooting again. The hotel has an opulent room for both ceremony and reception, and the grounds provide ample opportunities for some gorgeous couple portraits. And even though it was a shorter day than normal. it still felt like I'd captured a whole wedding in my own unique style.

Hopefully nothing like COVID (there it is...) will happen again to the extent it has. So many couples have had their days postponed, plans changed, numbers cut, or even cancelled their big days altogether. So many other suppliers have been irreversibly damaged to the point that some just couldn't stay afloat. I've weathered that storm and thankfully come out the other side.

Here's to a future with restriction free weddings. And no more bloody masks.


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