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L&K, St Paul's, Wooburn & Burnham Beeches Hotel

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I've known Louise and Keith for a fair while. I've known Louise ever since she was born. Pretty standard sort affair when you're cousins. I'm hoping I was their first choice as opposed to the their 'default' choice when it came to wedding photography - either way, how could I say no.

The wedding ceremony was held at St Paul's in Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire -  a place that is significant to me as it's where I got married in 2010. It's a beautiful medieval and gothic styled church with some impressive stained glass.

This was followed by a reception at the nearby Burnham Beeches Hotel: an elegant, country house hotel on the fringes of Burnham Beeches ancient woodland.

Flowers were dominated by bright sunflowers, a reflection of the time of year, and a perfect match for the deep purple bridesmaids' dresses and blue groomsmens' suits. Keith is actively serving in the army and so wore full military dress uniform (I think that's what you call it) - it was a nice touch either way.

It can be tricky being a guest and the photographer, something in some photographer circles that is to be avoided. But I love photographing weddings and still had the opportunity join in the celebrations. And because you're there the whole day you can even get some great shots when the party is still going late into the night.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mcgrath!

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