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H&B, Fredrick's Hotel & Spa

I got introduced to Hayley and Ben through a mutual friend who I'd done their wedding for when I was first starting out. A lot of weddings come through word of mouth and recommendations and is a really good way of finding a good photographer. Obviously you've got to like them and their style but if they've been recommended by a friend it's a really good start.

I met up with the happy couple in Amersham Old Town for a coffee, wedding chat and to grab some shots of the 2 of them. Pre-wedding shoots are such a great way to get to know your photographer even more. It's never too late to change your mind. This person will be hanging around with you, albeit very discretely, on one of the most I important and special days of your life, so it's a good idea that they don't irritate you. You get the picture.

Hayley and Ben's wedding and reception was held at Fredrick's Hotel and Spa in Maidenhead, Berkshire, a luxury, boutique hotel and spa on the edge of town. Both Hayley and Ben were getting ready at the hotel the morning of the wedding so I managed to do bride and groom prep all in the same location - in different rooms, obvs.

November is always going to be an unpredictable day for light and the weather - that could apply to any month in the UK. And lo and behold, the moment we tried to door portraits and group shots outside, the heavens opened. With the rain and fading light, we used the stylish interior of the hotel as the backdrop of the traditional bride, groom and wedding party shots.

Given the stress of a wedding day and the mounting number of group shots being requested, Hayley was starting to feel the strain. With a few calming words and the fact I rescued a glass of something fizzy for her in between shots, we managed to get through it and on to the evening celebrations.

Weddings outside of the more traditional part of the year can be daunting for anyone planning a wedding. What happens if it rains? Will I get the photos I want? A professional, experienced photographer will be able to work in any weather conditions and be able to get photos you will fall in love with. Make sure you find the right one.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Richardson!

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