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Clarke Family Shoot

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

At least once a year I will give away a shoot, either as a raffle prize or for a charity auction, to a cause close to my heart. This year's auction lot was won not by the recipient, but the recipient's daughter as a present. What a daughter!

So in the clutches of one of the warmest summers on record, I hot footed down to Somerset to the Clarke's family home.

The family home equipped with a mature garden was the perfect setting. After a quick cuppa and chat we got to it. Lucy, Chris and Hugo were the main subjects but also managed to grab some shots of Lucy’s parents too, and their new beagle pup.


I had so much fun with these guys. Spent most of my time laid on the lawn and chasing Hugo around but with the glorious weather and beautiful surroundings we managed to get some great shots.


For a photographer, a shoot at midday in the summer and a clear blue sky can be a real challenge. But when you know how to work with the conditions and look for shadier spots, there’s nothing to be worried about.

Thanks for having me, Clarke's!



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